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It is common myth that there are two types of trees in heaven: one is a Fig Tree “The Truth Tree” and the other is an olive tree “The Life Tree”…
Olive has a history of being known to men for 39,000 years, and the Mediterranean region is usually accepted as its source of origin.
The first time of harvesting olives were mentioned around 6000 years ago.
First production of Olive oil i.e. “Golden Liquid” was thought to be around 2000 BCE and this also believed to take place in Anatolia approximately 4000 years ago, before Hittite civilization.
Olive has symbolic meaning for all faiths, it represents fertility, peace, mind, longevity and maturity. Olive is the sacred tree for all religious books.
Dikili - Atarneus with its mythological name- was introduced to the olive tree by the early Middle Ages.
One of the places that these olive trees were grown was near the seaside hills of Dikili where our olive grove, Beylikciftligi is and where our Aterna products is from, at present. This provides the purest & finest form of extra virgin olive oil.
Aterna Olive Grove covers 1066 decare of an area and we have 14.300 trees, furthermore we have 120 magnificent trees between the age of 1000-1600 looking regal and symbol of our past and still offering their fruit to humankind.
This historical farm site near Aegean coast is the source of superior quality olive products with its ideal salt ratio and ideal breeze from sea. Our olive grove categorized as ‘the special area of olive oil production’ in the world olive oil literature; and our olives are cold pressed in our own mill.
Sustainability and harmonious life cycle is our life/work motto as Aterna Family…

As Aterna Family, these olives which are the nature’s gift to humankind, are collected one by one meticulously, washed within 2-6 hours after harvesting, and after washing and separating the damaged olives, we sort them out according to their size and colour and cold press them. Our purpose is to offer olives in its prime of aroma and flavour to people who know the importance of healthy eating.
According to organic grown guidelines, we offer SINGLE ESTATE Aterna olives and olive oil to lovers of olive oil with pride and joy.