Types of Olive Oil

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Raw Oil

The handpicked olives are made into a paste as soon as possible.
During that time oils naturally flows out and this is called Raw Oil, the purest of them all. That oil are being injected out from its source and carried out by chrome pipes to a chrome tank and left to rest without air contact.
Raw Oil is produced in low quantities as the process is natural without any outside intervention.
In the past, it was used homeopathically as a medicinal remedy. You can still find this type of olive oil sold in some pharmacies.
Drink a tea spoonful of this raw oil every morning as it is very rich with antioxidants. As it is a rare commodity, it is advised to be used as a healthy alternative.

Stonepressed Olive Oil
This old method of producing olive oil is achieved by pressing the olives in a stone mill.
We remove the damaged olives and only use the healthy ones so as to preserve the acidity level in our olive oil.
The paste is put into (disinfected after use) hygienic bags and stone pressed.
After two applications of the stone press and giving water, we call the filtered olive oil Stone Pressed.
You can use this olive oil for breakfasts and marinating.

Early Harvest Olive Oil

The beginning of harvest is the time when olives are at their prime 

We cold press our green olives as soon as we handpick them so as to preserve their aroma fully.

We call this type of aromatic olive oil “Early Harvest Olive Oil “

Use them sparingly in your salads, use it in your breakfast by itself.

Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil

EVOO is called when black olives are handpicked by their branches during harvest and pressed after that within 8 hours timespan. No chemical process is being used and it is processed with the traditional cold pressed methods and thus protecting olive’s aroma and all its nutrient values.
An olive oil is EVOO if the acidity level is below 0.8%.
You can use this type of oil in all your traditional dishes and salads.