Olive Types

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Olive is in green, pink, scarlet, violet, black colour.... Al these colours is its beauty in time. Contrary to other fruit trees, olive does not get tastier by time. Olive gets oilier but does not lose out the agent Oleuropenin the bitter taste. That element, that agent makes it more special.
In all religions, beliefs and in mythology olive tree is known as the god’s gift to mankind symbolising eternity. To be able live 1000s of years and still able to give fruit symbolizes eternity and fertility with Oleuropein what it produces in its body.
Olives gets deteriorated after 12 hours of harvesting and produces bacteria and increases its acidity. In our estate 90% of our olives are from “Ayvalik” type (also known as “Edremit”) of olives. As an Aterna family, we process you olives on your table for a period of 6-8 months. These are rolling and putting in brine periods.
Black Olives: After black olives are being checked, cleaned, they are put into special containers and rolled over once a week for a period of 6-8 months. They almost lose out all its bitter juice. They do not contact air during that time. After they are out in the air, they change their colour to darker shades and their aroma peaks and this process is being completed in 3-4 and black olive is to ready to be consumed.
Green Olives: In the beginning of the harvest time, when green olives are handpicked, separated and cleaned, they are sorted by their size and left in big containers for 4-6 months. After this they are being processed, marinated, and packaged in jars ready to be consumed.