Types of Soaps

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First of all we are making olive soaps not soaps with olive oil...
All our soaps are made of low acidotic olive oil for cooking
They do not have colourants, foamitisers, preservatives or chemical aromatises. They are made with traditional methods without any additives.
Olive soap: develops a layer in your skin preventing the natural moisture of your skin in this way your skin do not get dry. Natural antioxidant is a component of olive oil thus has antiaging elements. Vitamin E in olive oil protects your skin against harmful sun rays.
Types of Olive Soaps:

With Cellulite (OLEUROPENIN): Because of this element, increase the circulation of blood does reduces cellulite. When having a bath, lather the soap, apply with massaging your desired areas in circular motion.
With Lily: Ideal for dry skins. Reduces under eye bags and wrinkles and makes your skin look radiant. Twice a day use the soap to cleanse your skin, leave it on 2-3 minutes and rinse with warm water.
With Orange: has tonic properties. Cleanses your skin. With a gentle massaging helps tightening your skin as well.
With Daphne: Cleanses your skin deeply, protects your moisture levels, and gives extra smoothness to your skin. It can be used for skincare and haircare.
With Lavender: can be used as an aromatherapy soap and moisturises skin. Cab be used for hands, face, hair and bath.